MNRO  valuation analysis

Name: Monro Inc
Description: Monro, Inc. provides automotive undercar repair, and tire sales and services in the United States. (more)
Industry: Auto Parts
Last 10Q10Qs are quarterly reports which contain a company's financial figures. We use these to calculate the FFER.: Oct 27, 2021
Market cap: $2.01B (1057th)
Sales(TTM): $1.28B (927th)
Earnings(TTM): $55.15M (1065th)

FFER: 1.17 (why)
Actual price: $59.15
FFEThis is Monro Inc's the estimated price. FFEs are the denominator of the FFER ratio.: $50.66
Quantile: MNRO is priced correctly given its fundamentals.
Prices as of EOD 2021-12-22
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Monro Inc
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Monro Inc
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Monro Inc
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