CTS  valuation analysis

Name: CTS Corporation
Description: CTS Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells sensors, electronic components, and actuators primarily to original equipment manufacturers and tier one suppliers for the aerospace and defense, industrial, information technology, medical, telecommunications, and transportation markets. (more)
Industry: Electronic Components
Last 10Q10Qs are quarterly reports which contain a company's financial figures. We use these to calculate the FFER.: Feb 09, 2021
Market cap: $988.32M (1253rd)
Sales(TTM): $424.07M (1241st)
Earnings(TTM): $34.69M (938th)

FFER: 0.99 (why)
Actual price: $30.62
FFEThis is CTS Corporation's the estimated price. FFEs are the denominator of the FFER ratio.: $30.56
Quantile: CTS is priced correctly given its fundamentals.
Prices as of EOD 2021-04-14
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CTS Corporation
"Electronic Components" industry
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CTS Corporation
"Electronic Components" industry
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CTS Corporation
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CTS Corporation
"Electronic Components" industry