BANR  valuation analysis

Name: Banner Corporation
Description: Banner Corporation operates as the bank holding company for Banner Bank that provide commercial banking and financial products and services to individuals, businesses, and public sector entities in the United States. (more)
Industry: Banks-Regional
Last 10Q10Qs are quarterly reports which contain a company's financial figures. We use these to calculate the FFER.: Apr 20, 2022
Market cap: $1.95B (1029th)
Sales(TTM): $574.57M (1206th)
Earnings(TTM): $198.16M (792nd)

FFER: 0.81 (why)
Actual price: $56.30
FFEThis is Banner Corporation's the estimated price. FFEs are the denominator of the FFER ratio.: $69.44
Quantile: BANR is cheap given its fundamentals.
Prices as of EOD 2022-05-25
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Banner Corporation
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Banner Corporation
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